Here at Starity, we care about being efficient with the world's resources. One of the most unexploited and valuable resources comes directly from the closets of public figures. They are an epicenter of curated items, from rare grails to casual everyday wear. However, public figures were typically not given a platform to exploit the potential of their ownership.

We partner with public figures and charities to launch a platform that takes this value, brings the beautiful pieces to market and raises money for philanthropy. Now more than ever, it is important that we care for our planet and the populations that call it home. We are a public benefit corporation and pledge to give 80% of the revenue from the sale of every item to charity.

Giving you the opportunity to explore these products while having a positive impact on our planet and society is a concept we hope many will enjoy. The idea originally sparked from our deep appreciation of clothing, science, literature, pop culture and altruism. Starity is the first of its kind and we are excited to pave the way.